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  EMISSION DU 10/02/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 kinski crybaby blowout don't below it's chaos sub pop

1 the suicidal birds no nada versus life tocado

3 coughs quagmire secret passage load

4 enablers on monk output negative space neurot

5 katamine now i'm born forest of bobo tinstar creative pool

5 polvo thermal pleasure today's active lifestyles merge

7 polvo bombs that fall from your eyes this eclipse touch and go

7 polvo feather of forgiveness exploded drawing touch and go

7 scout niblett your last chariot this fool can die now too pure

7 petula clarck rikiki's favourite v/a: massacrés belges - volume 02 massacrés belges

9 to kill a petty bourgeoisie very lovely the patron kranky

10 and you will know us by the trail of dead richter scale madness and you will know us by the trail of dead trance syndicate

10 fatal flying guilloteens hello boss quantum fucking frenchkiss

10 coughs bunny slope secret passage load

10 doctor and nurse angels fear... - (untitled 2 tracks demo) autoproduction

10 hey lover i've got to get you home hey lover hovercraft

10 bardo pond montana sacra ii ticket crystals atp

10 hrsta beau village ghosts will come and kiss your eyes constellation

10 no age every artist needs a tragedy weirdo rippers fat cat

10 naifu how to get married pieces of women puppy farm

10 coughs colors and the way they make you feel secret passage load

11 a place to bury strangers ocean a place to bury strangers killer pimp

Artiste: coughs
Album: secret passage
Label: load


Artiste: polvo
Album: today's active lifestyles
Label: merge
Track(s): thermal pleasure

Artiste: polvo
Album: exploded drawing
Label: touch and go
Track(s): feather of forgiveness

Artiste: polvo
Album: this eclipse
Label: touch and go
Track(s): bombs that fall from your eyes

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