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  EMISSION DU 01/02/2009

Artiste Track Album Label

1 oxbow down a stair backward the narcotic story hydra head

2 duchess says aeae anthologie des 3 perchoirs alien8

3 wild billy childish and the musicians of the british empire thatcher's children thatcher's children damaged goods

4 psychic ills meta mirror eye the social registry

5 gregor samsa the adolescent rest own

5 frank black los angeles frank black 4ad

6 frank black czar frank black 4ad

6 frank black ten percenter frank black 4ad

6 deerhunter never stops microcastle 4ad

6 wovenhand kicking bird ten stones sounds familyre

8 the raveonettes young and beautiful beauty dies fierce panda

9 sürfhead puddles the beauty of delay autoproduction

9 magnetix hta-tnt positively negative born bad

9 p.j. harvey white chalk white chalk island

9 wild billy childish and the musicians of the british empire again and again thatcher's children damaged goods

9 next exit to nowhere nightmare the tiger and the zucchini interstellar

9 earth omens and portens i: the driver bees made honey in the lion's skull southern lord

9 don caballero awe man that's jive skip punkgasm relapse

9 the suicidal birds chiwawa spend your life in serious misery tocado

9 casse brique réveil matin glumor honest house

10 parts & labor mount misery receivers jagjaguwar

10 the experimental tropic blues band hippidy hop captain boogie jaune orange

10 wild billy childish and the musicians of the british empire back amongst the medway losers thatcher's children damaged goods

Artiste: frank black
Album: frank black
Label: 4ad
Track(s): los angeles / czar / ten percenter


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