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  EMISSION DU 08/02/2009

Artiste Track Album Label

1 wild billy childish and the musicians of the british empire thatcher's children thatcher's children damaged goods

2 grey daturas beyond and into the ultimate return to disruption neurot

3 lili z candeggina burns the two of us in the red

4 duflan duflan la figa electronica pazuzu rockerill

5 matt elliott something about ghosts howling songs ici d'ailleurs

5 the vines f**k yeh! vision valley heavenly

6 the vines atmos vision valley heavenly

6 the vines spaceship vision valley heavenly

6 the electric ladies blues motherfucker v/a: compilation jaune orange vol. 4 jaune orange

6 mokronog wonderbra ballant fuck young girls young girls

8 k-branding nubian heat facial humpty dumpty

9 31knots certificate worried well polyvinyl

9 the experimental tropic blues band cockadoodldo captain boogie jaune orange

9 lili z so this is love the two of us in the red

9 belafea run rabbit run cavalcade southern

9 doctor and nurse cheeky me(n)tal hospital autoproduction

9 psychic ills mantis mirror eye the social registry

9 vivian girls all the time vivian girls in the red

9 vandal x don't expect anything more all lined up against the wall vlas vegas

9 the suicidal birds adventure of the brain spend your life in serious misery tocado

10 lili z count the two of us in the red

10 the fall the classical hex enducation hour kamera

Artiste: lili z
Album: the two of us
Label: in the red


Artiste: the vines
Album: vision valley
Label: heavenly
Track(s): f**k yeh! / atmos / spaceship

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