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  EMISSION DU 26/04/2009

Artiste Track Album Label

1 kit night time broken voyage upset the rhythm

2 hey colossus fire up the tambourine happy birthday riot season

3 the hunches actors exit dreams in the red

4 wild billy childish and the musicians of the british empire again and again thatcher's children damaged goods

5 the pains of being pure at heart hey paul the pains of being pure at heart slumberland

6 casse brique m. torloting a de la salade sur son t-shirt glumor honest house

7 racebannon bad case of... acid or blood southern

7 keiki a girl called healed waltham holy cross (advanced) autoproduction

7 fordamage abcd belgian tango kythibong

7 p.j. harvey and john parish pig will not a woman a man walked by island

10 crystal stilts sinking alight of night slumberland

11 the hunches ate my teeth exit dreams in the red

11 prohibition hold on towncrier prohibited

11 white hills radiate heads on fire rocket

11 heliogabale definition of a woman the full mind is alone the clear prohibited

11 zu untitled track carboniferous ipecac

11 herman düne i do the crabwalk turn off the light prohibited

11 passe montagne 98%cuir 2%sky oh my satan africantape

11 berg sans nipple flapping form... of prohibited

11 tv buddhas desire second ep (or stallion) fitw

12 purr schoolyard whales lead to the deep sea prohibited

12 the experimental tropic blues band think it over captain boogie jaune orange

12 prohibition here i stand #5 following the towncrier prohibited

12 stick in the sound

12 fistula

12 the hunches unraveling exit dreams in the red

Artiste: the hunches
Album: exit dreams
Label: in the red

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