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  EMISSION DU 20/09/2009

Artiste Track Album Label

1 geisha prelude to amber pays the rent die verbrechen der liebe crucial blast

2 the vandelles fever of the beat the vandelles ep safranin

3 part chimp trad thriller rock action

4 the ex state of shock 30 ex

5 hope sandoval & the warm inventions for the rest of your life through the devil softly nettwerk

6 io monade stanca abete 43211234 the impossible story of bubu africantape

7 tv buddhas headache party the fat guy and the maiden fitw

7 montreal on fire anything everyday decline & fall lacrymal

7 st johnny highway high as a kite rough trade

7 pontiak wax worship maker thrill jockey

9 st johnny stupid high as a kite rough trade

10 st johnny matador high as a kite rough trade

10 gay beast beach second wave skin graft

10 swingers dancing béjard demo #1 autoproduction

10 part chimp ffff thriller rock action

10 the ex frenzy 30 ex

10 sonic youth anti-orgasm eternal matador

10 om at giza conference live important

10 part chimp super moody thriller rock action

10 the ex the lawn of the limp 30 ex

Artiste: the ex
Album: 30
Label: ex

Artiste: part chimp
Album: thriller
Label: rock action


Artiste: st johnny
Album: high as a kite
Label: rough trade
Track(s): highway / stupid / matador

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