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  EMISSION DU 22/11/2009

Artiste Track Album Label

1 k-branding nubian heat facial humpty dumpty

2 tv ghost the singularity cold fish in the red

3 subarachnoid space lilith eight bells crucial blast

4 polvo beggar's bowl in prism merge

5 sian alice group salt water troubled, shaken etc. the social registry

6 tv buddhas la li loo first ep fitw

7 dÿse treppe lieder sind brüder der revolution

7 shnaak shan the rough african women on ships are bad luck discorporate

7 no age you're a target losing feeling sub pop

7 the pumpkin fairies stephanie says demo tape autoproduction

9 readymade what you want x autoproduction

10 spiritualized anyway that you want me anyway that you want me e.p. dedicated

10 yo la tengo nothing to hide popular songs matador

10 subarachnoid space hunter seeker eight bells crucial blast

10 polvo city birds in prism merge

10 keiki lottie johl waltham holy cross cheap satanism

10 action beat safe the noise band from bletchley truth cult

10 taïfun snow turns to sleet helmets on!!! it's raining scalpels honest house

10 scout niblett your last chariot this fool can die now too pure

10 berline0.33 itk berline0.33 vocation

11 subarachnoid space bird signs eight bells crucial blast

11 polvo a link in the chain in prism merge

Artiste: subarachnoid space
Album: eight bells
Label: crucial blast

Artiste: polvo
Album: in prism
Label: merge


Artiste: readymade
Album: x
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): what you want

Artiste: the pumpkin fairies
Album: demo tape
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): stephanie says

Artiste: spiritualized
Album: anyway that you want me e.p.
Label: dedicated
Track(s): anyway that you want me

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