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  EMISSION DU 29/11/2009

Artiste Track Album Label

1 action beat safe the noise band from bletchley truth cult

2 future of the left chin music travels with myself and another 4ad

3 comanechi crime of love crime of love merok

4 russian circles fathom geneva suicide squeeze

5 jesu infinity infinity avalanche

6 julie doiron lovers of the world i can wonder what you did with your day jagjaguwar

7 mute sundays postrectum autoproduction

7 shit and shine the cusp of innocence, prettily 229-2299 girls against shit riot season

7 three mile pilot planets planets/grey clouds 7'' temporary residence limited

7 chokebore 2nd song motionless amphetamine reptile

9 reigning sound if i can't come back love and curses in the red

10 port royal hermitage pt.1 dying in time debruit&desilence

10 baxter stockman cart ep2 side effect

10 russian circles geneva geneva suicide squeeze

10 comanechi i wish crime of love merok

10 dÿse sonne glänzt v/a: freedom to chaos discorporate

10 dysrhythmia festival of popular delusions psychic maps relapse

10 good for cows

10 death unit - (untitled track #1) terminal cases (split cd w/ death unit & prurient) archive

10 painkiller dpm 50th anniversary vol.12 tzadik

11 strongly imploded untitled track why use a proxy? ikuisuus

11 mir untitled track mir wallace

11 switchblade 5'36 switchblade trust no one

11 sonic youth met mats gustafsson og merzbow ander sider af sonic youth ander sider af sonic youth syr

11 russian circles malko geneva suicide squeeze

11 comanechi lunatic crime of love merok

Artiste: comanechi
Album: crime of love
Label: merok

Artiste: russian circles
Album: geneva
Label: suicide squeeze

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