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  EMISSION DU 03/01/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 kit night time broken voyage upset the rhythm

2 two pin din in case of fire in case of fire break glass aredje

3 the suicidal birds nevermind spend your life in serious misery tocado

4 baxter stockman evilize ep2 side effect

5 the ax weak creatures our queen of dirt whoa! boat

6 the ex rules 30 ex

7 bardo pond the path peri three lobed

7 hey! tonal kcraze v/a: africantape/sickroom sampler 2009 africantape/sickroom

7 berline0.33 magic bus berline0.33 vocation

7 tv ghost the consumption cold fish in the red

10 homostupids i am the hawk the load load

11 future of the left chin music travels with myself and another 4ad

11 pissed jeans human upskirt king of jeans sub pop

11 lullabye arkestra telepathic president threats/worship vice

11 casse brique flip flap glumor honest house

12 little claw golden boy human taste ecstatic peace!

13 part chimp ffff thriller rock action

14 magik markers the lighter side of ... hippies balf quarry drag city

14 the warlocks the midnight sun the mirror explodes tee pee

15 metalycée it is not it is not mosz

16 pre sleep walk hope freaks skin graft

16 russian circles geneva geneva suicide squeeze

16 sonic youth anti-orgasm eternal matador

16 dÿse treppe lieder sind brüder der revolution exile on mainstream

16 a place to bury strangers lost feeling exploding head mute

16 geisha a wilderness, except by sight die verbrechen der liebe crucial blast

16 action beat meat head the noise band from bletchley truth cult

16 hitch carbon wheels clair obscur vlas vegas

17 comanechi crime of love crime of love merok

17 keiki lottie johl waltham holy cross cheap satanism

20 k-branding nubian heat facial humpty dumpty

20 usssy volodya, the hurricane usssy r.a.i.g

20 agaskodo teliverek garbage pale crocodile psycho goulash midfinger

Artiste: hey! tonal
Album: v/a: africantape/sickroom sampler 2009
Label: africantape/sickroom
Track(s): kcraze

Artiste: the ex
Album: 30
Label: ex
Track(s): rules

Artiste: bardo pond
Album: peri
Label: three lobed
Track(s): the path

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