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  EMISSION DU 17/01/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 subarachnoid space lilith eight bells crucial blast

2 jay reatard turning blue blood visions in the red

3 times new viking marthin luther king day born again revisited matador

4 l´ocelle mare porte d´octobre #6 v/a: africantape/sickroom sampler 2009 africantape/sickroom

5 a.h. kraken ville électrique tatiana down boy/gaffer

6 experimental audio research beyond the pale beyond the pale big cat

7 experimental audio research guitar feedback manipulation mesmerised sympathy for the record industry

7 todd best laid plans big ripper riot season

7 the magnetix time after time you are the one, baby evilution

7 k-branding africanurse facial humpty dumpty

9 frank shinobi opa sur la banque mondiale ibonishkanrf honest house

10 enablers on returning now you can answer lancashire and somerset

10 keiki smoke (dear daniel) waltham holy cross cheap satanism

10 times new viking no time, no hope born again revisited matador

10 karen o and the kids all is love all is love dgc/interscope

10 little claw golden boy human taste ecstatic peace!

10 usssy sullen rebirth usssy r.a.i.g.

10 the ax dying breed v/a: the ax/meny hellkin international split 7" hovercraft

10 good for cows thanks guys fuck you be bop fantasy asian man

10 comanechi naked crime of love merok

11 times new viking these days born again revisited matador

11 pontiak sea voids sea voids thrill jockey

Artiste: times new viking
Album: born again revisited
Label: matador


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