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  EMISSION DU 26/12/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 berline0.33 hoopladder flying above scarecrows l´antichambre

2 white drugs black wizard groaming gold magic kunstwaffe/amphetamine reptile

3 bardo pond don´t know about you bardo pond fire

4 nü sensae new lies tv, death and the devil nominal

5 moufle touchons dubois testament aurevoirrr

6 white noise sound no place to hide white noise sound alive

7 bo ningen maguro bo ningen stolen

7 commodor don starsky driving out of focus distile

7 fey gods untied untied 7" hozac

7 deerhoof dummy discards a heart apple o´ kill rock stars

9 mogwai i love you, i´m going to blow up your school the hawk is howling wall of sound

10 bardo pond cracker wrist bardo pond fire

10 nü sensae skull mecca tv, death and the devil nominal

10 metz negative space negative space we are busy bodies

10 shrag a certain violence life! death! prizes! where it´s at is where you are

10 the dead c empire patience ba da bing!

10 shannon wright fractured secret blood vicious circle

10 cove show me your nature show me your nature unlabel

10 nü sensae disappearing act tv, death and the devil nominal

10 bardo pond await the star bardo pond fire

Artiste: bardo pond
Album: bardo pond
Label: fire

Artiste: nü sensae
Album: tv, death and the devil
Label: nominal

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