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  EMISSION DU 02/01/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bo ningen koroshitai kimochi bo ningen stolen

2 les savy fav dirty knails root for ruin wichita

3 cacaw old bones cacaw permanent

4 cove i got off my sickbed and walked show me your nature unlabel

5 shannon wright commoner´s saint secret blood vicious circle

6 drunkdriver choking hazard drunkdriver load

7 grids locals kansas autoproduction

7 ox scapula dead easier hands out art for blind

7 brain flannel rmpm (constant sex) tape statuestory tapes

7 berline0.33 flash flying above scarecrows l´antichambre

10 the fall hot cake your future our clutter domino

11 ventura i always said he was weird we recruit africantape

11 the ex life whining catch my choe ex

11 trumans water you live out loud o zeta zunis asthmatic kitty

11 scout niblett strip me pluto the calcination of scout niblett drag city

12 red x red m ottamans between prayers and my curses our kind might just triumph yet australian cattle god

13 archie bronson outfit you have a right to a mountain life/one up on yourself coconut domino

14 jesus is my son louange à mon fils je suis dieu ff hhh

15 white mystery white widow white mystery autoproduction

15 liars the overachievers sisterworld mute

16 shipping news the delicate one less heartless to ear africantape

17 naked on the vague mysterious oven heaps of nothing siltbreeze

17 bardo pond await the star bardo pond fire

17 nü sensae total drift tv, death and the devil nominal

17 kit ambrosia invocation upset the rythm

17 waxeater are those fucking beers ice cold yet? sleeper latest flame

17 heirs drain fowl denovali

17 fatalists great success in uniform between the aisles gramma proforma

18 lucertulas crowning the brawl robotradio/macina dischi

18 white drugs untitled gold magic kunstwaffe/amphetamine reptile

21 the stnnng the ugly show smoke of my will modern radio
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