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  EMISSION DU 20/03/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 berline0.33 flash flying above scarecrows l´antichambre

2 poino sex pesto moan loose horse arm

3 action beat solgunn beatings truth cult

4 deaf wish the beat of nothing´s wrong mercy radio

5 sleetmute nightmute scaring the birds...don´t speak my name night of the long knives fast weapons

6 binaire ketamine bonne mine! idole les disques de plomb

7 the oh sees flash bats warm slime in the red

7 part chimp ffff thriller rock action

7 part chimp dirty sun thriller rock action

7 part chimp starpiss thriller rock action

10 reading rainbow wasting time prism eyes hozac

11 arrington de dionyso madu mahadasyat suara naga k

11 spectrum razzle-dazzle mind war sucks ep mind expansion

11 deaf wish hate you mercy radio

11 action beat krang beatings truth cult

11 quicksilver messenger service pride of man quicksilver messenger service rhino

12 love hey joe love elektra

13 bob dylan the man in me new morning columbia

14 red krayola leejol god bless the red krayola and all who sail with it international artists

14 the mothers of invention hungry freaks daddy freak out! zappa

15 captain beefheart zig zag wanderer & his magic band safe as milk buddah

15 velvet underground i´m sticking with you fully loaded rhino

15 the troggs i just sing from nowhere fontana

15 the doors alabama song the doors elektra

15 oxes and giraffe: natural enemies v/a: oxes/big´n split ep box factory

15 volt voice simon-jean gigot volt voice honest house

15 action beat shit yrself beatings truth cult

15 deaf wish disappear mercy radio

Artiste: deaf wish
Album: mercy
Label: radio

Artiste: action beat
Album: beatings
Label: truth cult

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