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  EMISSION DU 27/03/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 action beat solgunn beatings truth cult

2 deaf wish elementary school mercy radio

3 pneu autosafe unicorn highway to health head

4 running garbage truck running permanent

5 the kills future starts slow blood pressures domino

6 cercueil known to none erostrate le son du maquis

7 no balls problems that will solve themselves problems that will solve themselves ep df

7 the thermals i don´t believe you personal life kill rock stars

7 psychic ills second sight (right) astral occurence the spring press

7 berline0.33 hoopladder flying above scarecrows l´antichambre

10 traffico deer vs. headlights v/a: archipelagos honest house

11 casse brique nature, peinture et fusil de chasse v/a: archipelagos honest house

11 the bitters dark wide holes have a nap hotel sacred bones

11 running #1 dad running permanent

11 pneu clapasetsu highway to health head

11 zombie zombie halloween plays john carpenter versatile

12 tormenta felure la ligne âpre africantape

13 the cesarians flesh is grass the cesarians imprint

14 menace ruine the die is cast the die is cast alien8

14 white hills eternity heads on fire rocket

15 sardonis nero d´avola nero d´avola ep electric earth

15 black math horseman deerslayer wyllt tee pee

15 year of no light abbesse ausserwelt conspiracy

15 oxes dear spirit, i´m in france 05/06/02 peel session bbc

15 today is the day willpower willpower amphetamine reptile

15 ovo croce del sud crocevia load

15 binaire ketamine bonne mine! idole les disques de plomb

15 running fun running permanent

16 pneu wagy´s cup highway to health head

Artiste: pneu
Album: highway to health
Label: head

Artiste: running
Album: running
Label: permanent

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