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  EMISSION DU 24/07/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 hammerhead resurrecto memory hole autoproduction

2 crystal swells swamp people goethe head soup autoproduction

3 daniel striped tiger ancient future no difference cleanplate/purepain sugar

4 sqrm cut my strings rodeo youth attack

5 religious knives you walk smokescreen sacred bones

6 the thermals i don´t believe you personal life kill rock stars

7 liars scissor sisterworld mute

7 sightings to the world future accidents our mouth

7 pygmy shrews snake eyes you people can all go straight to hell jack shack

7 the ex 24 problems catch my shoe ex

9 the electric bunnies pretty joana pretty joana 7" sacred bones

10 screaming females i don´t mind it castle talk don giovanni

10 joe 4 pop is enola gay ep whosbrain

10 daniel striped tiger latchkey no difference cleanplate/purepain sugar

10 sqrm fuck to survive rodeo youth attack

10 gnod why don´t you smile like the other children v/a: gnod/a middle sex split lp blackest rainbow

10 timmy´s organism gorilla garden part 1 rise of the green gorilla sacred bones

10 sperm wails lady chatterley lady chatterley 7" s-s

10 k-branding empirism alliance humpty dumpty

10 the black angels entrance song (rain dance version) phosphene nightmare blue horizon

11 human eye junkyard heart they came from the sky sacred bones

11 porch aggressomatic givin up autoproduction

11 sqrm slow dance rodeo youth attack

11 daniel striped tiger no reverse no difference cleanplate/purepain sugar

Artiste: daniel striped tiger
Album: no difference
Label: cleanplate/purepain sugar

Artiste: sqrm
Album: rodeo
Label: youth attack

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