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  EMISSION DU 18/09/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 pygmy shrews no supplies you people can all go straight to hell jack shack

2 k-holes native tongues k-holes hozac

3 organic disturbing street demo autoproduction

4 omega massif aura karpatia denovali

5 duchess says time to reiterate in a fung day t! alien8

6 nü sensae eat your mind v/a: clown life split 7" (nu sensae & white lung) nominal/deranged

7 part chimp cover me chartpimp rock action

7 divorce love attack love attack 7" night school

7 alcian blue years too late years too late ep safranin

7 screen vinyl image chaser chaser ep safranin

9 ceremony untitled demo demo safranin

10 psychic blood tuff luck psychic blood (cassette) autoproduction

10 berline0.33 socialite planned obsolescence katatak

10 crystal swells swamp people goethe head soup autoproduction

10 omega massif ursus arctos karpatia denovali

10 killed by 9v batteries all the people bite their tongues off crux siluh

10 daniel striped tiger ancient future no difference cleanplate/purepain sugar

10 frank shinobi les evadés du zoulkistan a little less more honest house

10 the oscillation future echo veils all time low

10 reiziger windows of the world my favourite everything stick sister

11 omega massif steirnernes meer karpatia denovali

Artiste: omega massif
Album: karpatia
Label: denovali

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