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  EMISSION DU 13/11/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 part chimp ffff thriller rock action

2 pygmy shrews no supplies you people can all go straight to hell jack shack

3 the men problems/burning up immaculada deranged

4 casse brique un mouflet, des mouflons rebelote contre coinche spank me more

5 magnetix rest of my life drogue électrique born bad

6 don vito vidar zuhause iv tremor panda

7 mazzy star common burn common burn rhymes of an hour

7 billy mahonie drago the big dig too pure

7 billy mahonie william derbyshire the big dig too pure

7 billy mahonie manywhere m5. the big dig too pure

10 church whip outro demo i youth attack

11 chokebore lawsuit falls best vicious circle

11 barn owl shadowland shadowland thrill jockey

11 casse brique rasta mère rebelote contre coinche spank me more

11 the men lazarus immaculada deranged

12 thank you pathetic magic pathetic magic thrill jockey

13 portugal. the man all my people american ghetto equal vision

14 anika officer officer anika invada

15 magnetix stranger in a dark positively negative born bad

15 chevreuil cannibal lover capoëira ruminance

16 ed wood jr walkwoman silence swarm

16 aucan crisis (club version) dna ep africantape

16 vampillia megame-naked sppears iscollagecollective

16 devil´s blood the heavens cry out for the devil´s blood come reap profound lore

16 the ocean rhyacian precambrian metal blade

16 duchess says subtraction of obedience in a fung day t! alien8

16 casse brique les seins de mélanie rebelote contre coinche spank me more

16 the men immaculada immaculada deranged

Artiste: the men
Album: immaculada
Label: deranged

Artiste: casse brique
Album: rebelote contre coinche
Label: spank me more

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