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  EMISSION DU 20/11/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 pelican ephemeral what we all come to need southern lord

2 hammerhead resurrecto memory hole autoproduction

3 the megaphonic thrift talks like a weed king decay decoy sonic unyon

4 the fall cosmos 7 ersatz g.b. cherry red

5 part chimp new cross cup monitor

6 thank you 1-2-3 bad golden worry thrill jockey

7 organic disturbing street demo autoproduction

7 the experimental tropic blues band nothing to prove part. 2 liquid love jaune orange

7 lady piss absence of sunlight streaming sympathizer

7 navigator my grolshy nostalgie swarffinger

9 navigator assay nostalgie swarffinger

10 navigator horsey nostalgie swarffinger

10 condominium i don´t hate any of you warm home condominium

10 the fall greenway ersatz g.b. cherry red

10 the megaphonic thrift you saw the silver line decay decoy sonic unyon

10 this will destroy you little smoke tunnel blanket monotreme

10 the kills future starts slow blood pressures domino

10 ed wood jr it in ut silence swarm

10 zoft l´homme machine electrically haunted humpty dumpty

10 qrac promiscuity a time for a timing block bunker

11 low majesty/magic c´mon sub pop

11 magnetix rest of my life drogue électrique born bad

11 the fall monocard ersatz g.b. cherry red

11 the megaphonic thrift queen of noise decay decoy sonic unyon

Artiste: the fall
Album: ersatz g.b.
Label: cherry red

Artiste: the megaphonic thrift
Album: decay decoy
Label: sonic unyon

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