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  EMISSION DU 05/02/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 a place to bury strangers i lost you onwards to the wall dead oceans

2 god bows to math blues for blind god bows to math muzai

3 shoppers iii silver year feeble minds

4 trunks on the roof on the roof

5 electric electric la motta sad cities handclappers kythibong

6 divorce party chipidy clop astrocongertion oporium aphonia

7 hara-kiri castration ha-haha the twilight bark

7 belong perfect life common era kranky

7 belong keep still common era kranky

7 belong different heart common era kranky

10 black pus ha ha havroc primordial pus load

11 petula clarck yazoulk instinction none

11 russian circles praise be man empros sargent house

11 hungry gayze pins and needles roadkill 7" florida´s dying

11 shoppers vi silver year feeble minds

12 the filaments hiroshima skull & trombones blood

13 codeine barely real barely real ep sub pop

14 sunn o))) o))) bowl ii flight of the behemoth southern lord

15 hangman´s chair no rest i´ve found (a lament for...) the addicts bones brigade

15 gum takes tooth tannkjott silent cenotaph tigertrap

16 burning heads shoes be one with the flames epitath

16 pterodactyl aphasia spills out jagjaguwar

16 fm einheit / massimo pupillo #6 evol/ve offset

16 zun zun egui katang katang bella union

16 amour pas de périph´ à austin rayé, chaloupé whosbrain

16 shoppers viii silver year feeble minds

Artiste: shoppers
Album: silver year
Label: feeble minds

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