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  EMISSION DU 26/02/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 new bleeders blockhead new bleeders autoproduction

2 sex church waking up growing over load

3 hella self checkout tripper sargent house

4 prinzhorn dance school usurper clay class dfa

5 thee oops drive carefully taste of zimbabwe slovenly

5 dub trio swarm iv roir

6 matt elliott the pain that´s yet to come the broken man

6 pterodactyl aphasia spills out thrill jockey

6 peter james taylor clifford mate fortissimo

6 action beat solgunn beatings truth clut

8 throat prison shower pee 7" kaos control

9 registrators youth singles & rare tracks rip off

9 pita babel get off häpna

9 chien vert cantankerous waltz radio dog signature-radio france

9 prinzhorn dance school your fire has gone out clay class dfa

9 hella long hair tripper sargent house

9 mosquito why don´t i oh no not another mosquito my house is full of them! psycho acoustic sounds

9 the raincoats don´t be mean extended play smells like

9 cat power we all die myra lee smells like

9 christina rosenvinge 36 foreign land smells like

10 fuck melt cupid´s cactus smells like

10 john wolfington shotgun american dreamside smells like

10 sammy teen tour king of the inland empire smells like

10 sentridoh breakdown day winning losers smells like

10 the rondelles he´s outta sight fiction, romance, fast machines smells like

10 two dollar guitar let me bring you down burned and buried smells like

10 prinzhorn dance school sing orderly clay class dfa

10 hella osaka tripper sargent house

Artiste: prinzhorn dance school
Album: clay class
Label: dfa

Artiste: hella
Album: tripper
Label: sargent house

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