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  EMISSION DU 04/03/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the megaphonic thrift the undertow decay decoy sonic unyon

2 the the fall cosmos 7 ersatz g.b. cherry red

3 disappears replicate pre language kranky

4 widowspeak harsh realm widowspeak captured tracks

5 jesus is my son no man´s land 1914-1918 ffhhh

6 amour once rayé, chaloupé whosbrain

7 future of the left with apologies to emily pankhurst polymers are forever xtra mile

7 moonbeams forever forever hop skip jump

7 moonbeams the daisy chain forever hop skip jump

7 moonbeams fair machine forever hop skip jump

10 sissters the devil and the bystander there´s a party in my mouth but you´re not invited coraille

11 yeti lane faded spectrum the echo show clapping music/sonic cathedral

11 disappears hibernation sickness pre language kranky

11 widowspeak in the pines widowspeak captured tracks

11 zun zun egui katang katang bella union

11 talibam! mao mix boogie in the breeze blocks esp disks

12 der blutharsch - (untitled track # 5) der blutharsch wkn

12 ovo orcus cor cordium supernatural cat

12 nadja ash corrasion foreshadow productions

12 severe torture pray for nothing feasting on blood hammerheart

13 papier tigre chimera recreation africantape/murailles music

13 morkobot oktomorb morbo supernatural cat

13 daniel menche face first lesson in shrapnel skinned jackal hunting v/a: the japanese/american noise treaty release entertainment

13 dead elvis & his one man grave r.i.p. baby tired of hell, unfit for heaven luna sounds

13 disappears joa pre language kranky

13 widowspeak ghost boy widowspeak captured tracks

Artiste: widowspeak
Album: widowspeak
Label: captured tracks

Artiste: disappears
Album: pre language
Label: kranky

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