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  EMISSION DU 19/12/2004

Artiste Track Album Label

1 skywave tsunami synthstatic alison

1 shesus hang onto yourself loves you... loves you not narnack

1 sianspheric audiphone the sound of the colour of the sun sonic unyon

4 air formation seethrustars stay inside / feel everything clairecords

5 solex honkey donkey laughing stock of indie rock discmeister

5 stereo total moviestar oh ah oh bungalow

7 stereo total holiday inn juke-box alarm bungalow

7 stereo total partir ou mourir my melody bungalow

7 mean red spiders the new nostalgia still life fast moving clairecords

7 growing anaheim ii the soul of the rainbow and the harmony of light kranky

9 next exit to nowhere narcoleptic noise slow songs for a love dive interstellar

10 the fall the classical 50,000 fall fans can't be wrong sanctuary

10 cat on form a whip in one hand, gold in the other structure and fear southern

10 sianspheric tous les soirs the sound of the colour of the sun sonic unyon

10 hollywood porn stars marilyn year of the tiger naïve/bang!

10 hollowphonic no promises majestic pharmasound

10 lovesliescrushing suhr glissceule sonic syrup

10 the wedding present sticky hit parade 2 rca

10 john wilkes booze sweetback's gonna make it five pillars of soul kill rock stars

10 the experimental tropic blues band jealous rock dynamite boogie jaune orange

10 the emerald down tide aquarium honest in secret

10 sianspheric everything's a wave the sound of the colour of the sun sonic unyon

Artiste: sianspheric
Album: the sound of the colour of the sun
Label: sonic unyon


Artiste: stereo total
Album: juke-box alarm
Label: bungalow
Track(s): holiday inn

Artiste: stereo total
Album: my melody
Label: bungalow
Track(s): partir ou mourir

Artiste: stereo total
Album: oh ah oh
Label: bungalow
Track(s): moviestar


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