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  EMISSION DU 02/01/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 paik jayne field satin black strange attractors audio house

1 gin palace you want it kill-grief artrocker

1 ikara colt day draws thin modern apprentice fantastic plastic

4 migala sonnenwende la increíble aventura acuarela

5 gravy train!!!! ghosts boobs v/a: tracks and fields kill rock stars

5 woog riots mark e. smith & brix v/a: perverted by mark e. (a tribute to the fall) zick zack

6 new grenada eric's trip v/a: confuse yr idols (a tribute to sonic youth) narnack

6 naifu violet a bit of a naughty pony naifu

6 the thermals our trip fuckin a sub pop

6 the fuse! man out of time the fisherman's wife in the red

8 pixies broken face surfer rosa 4ad

9 john wilkes booze sweetback's gonna make it five pillars of soul kill rock stars

9 sianspheric to myself the sound of the colour of the sun sonic unyon

9 suntan king felix send you home kimchee

9 liars they don't want your coin - they want your kide they were wrong, so we drowned mute

9 cat on form a whip in one hand, gold in the other structure and fear southern

9 hazel winter calm death row bride death row bride

9 sonic youth new hampshire sonic nurse geffen

9 ill ease jersey-o-matic the exorcist too pure

9 experience traquer la fièvre massacrer l'ennui hémisphère gauche labels

9 shesus the more you laugh loves you... loves you not narnack

9 p.j. harvey who the fuck? uh huh her island

9 explosions in the sky first breath after coma the earth is not a cold dead place bella union

10 electrelane on parade the power out too pure

10 mr airplane man c'mon dj c'mon dj sympathy for the record industry

10 ostinato jagganath left too far behind exile on mainstream

10 skywave kill me dead synthstatic alison

10 kaito should i band red blast first

11 kaito rockstuff you've seen us... you've must have seen us... fierce panda

11 50 foot combo banana split ghent-bxl drunkabilly

Artiste: gravy train!!!!
Album: v/a: tracks and fields
Label: kill rock stars
Track(s): ghosts boobs

Artiste: new grenada
Album: v/a: confuse yr idols (a tribute to sonic youth)
Label: narnack
Track(s): eric's trip

Artiste: woog riots
Album: v/a: perverted by mark e. (a tribute to the fall)
Label: zick zack
Track(s): mark e. smith & brix

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