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  EMISSION DU 24/11/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 vision fortune xxii mas fiestas con el grupo faux discx

2 cuntz ´ation solid mates homeless

3 magik markers bonfire surrender to the fantasy drag city

4 madensuyu crucem stabat mater suyu makinesi

5 constant mongrel inflicted heavy breathing siltbreeze

6 blouse imperium imperium captured tracks

7 mambo claude la sagouin bertier honest house

7 swingers diva divorce swingers autoproduction

7 swingers 1624 swingers autoproduction

7 swingers medicis swingers autoproduction

9 negative press the smoker long haul inimical

10 adolina go slow caldeira a tant rêver du roi

10 madensuyu give stabat mater suyu makinesi

10 magik markers american sphinx face surrender to the fantasy drag city

10 monno schwanz cheval ouvert idiosyncratics

10 the oscillation from tomorrow from tomorrow hands in the dark

10 wooden shjips ghouls back to land thrill jockey

10 the cosmic dead the exalting king the exalting king dub ditch picnic

10 disappears new house era kranky

10 organic disturbing street under your carbon constellation complete control productions

11 jessica93 poison who cares teenage menopause

11 cheveu charlie sheen mille born bad

11 madensuyu dolorosa stabat mater suyu makinesi

11 magik markers screams of birds and girls surrender to the fantasy drag city

Artiste: magik markers
Album: surrender to the fantasy
Label: drag city

Artiste: madensuyu
Album: stabat mater
Label: suyu makinesi


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