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  EMISSION DU 01/12/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 housewives in camera housewives faux discx

2 pylone supernova things that are left better unspoken katatak

3 running wanna weekend vaguely ethnic castle face

4 potty mouth rusted shut hell bent old flame

5 the mentalettes fine fine fine fine fine fine copasetic

6 mugstar bardo head finder v/a: travel expop series #2: great britain hands in the dark

7 jjuujjuu ancient future first beyond beyond is beyond

7 von stroheim the tree - autoproduction

7 plastic venus lola helven park swim

7 plastic venus will helven park swim

9 plastic venus haircuts land helven park swim

10 catholic spray youth can suck my dick earth slime born bad

10 girls against boys fade out ghost list epitonic

10 san diablo four day boner ants a dingo ate my baby

10 running why can´t you be in running vaguely ethnic castle face

10 potty mouth shithead hell bent old flame

10 josephine foster francie´s song little life fire

10 bark psychosis shapeshifting codename dustsucker fire

10 giant sand better man than me blurry blue mountain fire

11 guided by voices w/ glass in foot english little league fire

11 mission of burma 13 learn how: the essential mission of burma fire

11 half japanese 10th ave. freezeout 1/2 gentlemen / not beasts fire

11 pere ubu mandy lady from shangai fire

11 vandal x god knows god knows fons

11 zeus! blast but not liszt opera three one g

11 running employment vows vaguely ethnic castle face

11 potty mouth the better end hell bent old flame

Artiste: running
Album: vaguely ethnic
Label: castle face

Artiste: potty mouth
Album: hell bent
Label: old flame


Artiste: plastic venus
Album: helven park
Label: swim
Track(s): lola / will / haircuts land

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