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  EMISSION DU 05/01/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the oscillation no place to go from tomorrow hands in the dark

2 gloria kills go gloria kills autoproduction

3 ovlov the well am exploding in sound

4 the suicide dolls eye prayers in parking lots autoproduction

5 philaretordre aurore au crépuscule june [2013] autoproduction

5 bathernay it left untitled one autoproduction

6 his electro blue voice sea bug ruthless sperm sub pop

6 the coltranes flesh design never sleep again/man with the hat hip kid

6 the lucid dream heartbreak girl songs of lies and deceit holy are you

6 the lucid dream glue (song for irvine welsh) songs of lies and deceit holy are you

8 the lucid dream sweet hold on me songs of lies and deceit holy are you

9 speedy ortiz tiger tank major arcana carpark

9 the warlocks endless drops skull worship zap banana

9 the suicide dolls elizabeth prayers in parking lots autoproduction

9 ovlov there´s my dini! am exploding in sound

9 zeus! lucy in the sky with king diamond opera three one g

9 totorro isang tao totorro tokyo jupiter

9 l.t.d.m.s. 2 insérer titre oxide tones

9 kerosene 454 rideout health race polyvinyl

10 ativin i know one hundred things pills versus planes polyvinyl

10 faux hoax hippies your friends will carry you home polyvinyl

10 mates of states ha ha team boo polyvinyl

10 dusted property lines total dust polyvinyl

10 casiokids det haster aabenbaringen over aaskammen polyvinyl

10 the suicide dolls deep red prayers in parking lots autoproduction

10 ovlov the great alligator am exploding in sound

Artiste: the suicide dolls
Album: prayers in parking lots
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: ovlov
Album: am
Label: exploding in sound


Artiste: the lucid dream
Album: songs of lies and deceit
Label: holy are you
Track(s): heartbreak girl / glue (song for irvine welsh) / sweet hold on me

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