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  EMISSION DU 12/01/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 ten volt shock destrincly electric strasbourg gunner

2 comanechi major move you owe me nothing but love tigertrap

3 baxter stockman punter punter ektro

4 tile half tooth you had a friend in pennsylvannia limited appeal

5 narrow lands usefulness popular music that will live forever tenzenmen

6 the cult of dom keller swamp heron the cult of dom keller mannequin

7 winkie to die a thousand romantic deaths one day we pretended to be ghosts el velo negro

7 has a shadow john lennon sky is hell black captcha

7 plutonium baby fist of zen welcome to the weird world vida loca

7 catholic spray krokodile dandies earth slime born bad

9 joanna gruesome sugarcrush weird sister fortuna pop

10 cellular chaos adviser cellular chaos ugexplode

10 cripple and casino f23 with high regards moonlee

10 batpiss seed nuclear winter every night is a saturday night

10 thee oh sees floating coffin floating coffin castle face

10 the oscillation corridor (part 1) from tomorrow hands in the dark

10 lorelle meets the obsolete strands of our time corruptible faces captcha

10 bathernay love untitled one autoproduction

10 shannon wright tax the patients in film sound vicious circle

11 cuntz homeless aloha homeless

11 big black cloud human lost black friday eolian empire

11 madensuyu give stabat mater suyu makinesi

11 throat gift gas manhole rejuvenation

11 poutre spiderstar voglio di piu katatak

11 sex jams shark vs. apple trouble, honey siluh

11 tiger magic dys-/u- crush on you sm musik

11 hollywoodfun downstairs is the city? the mancunian swing muzai

12 ovlov grapes am exploding in sound

12 mr. biscuits bearpoof mr. biscuits autoproduction

12 family curse no return twilight language doormat
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