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  EMISSION DU 01/06/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 chain & the gang devitalize minimum rock´n´roll fortuna pop

2 the yips repeater air loom bruise tongue

3 bleeding rainbow time & place interrupt kanine

4 t.i.t.s. coma girl t.i.t.s. teenage menopause

5 lucertulas the sailor anatomyak robotradio

6 archie bronson outfit hunch your body, love somebody wild crush domino

7 white manna hexagram of goo come down safari valley king

7 lay llamas voices call ostro rocket

7 teeth of the sea open up and let the devil in a field in england: re-imagined rocket

7 gnod tony´s first communion in gnod we trust rocket

9 headwar hamburger singe touche pas l´enfant et mon cul c´est du tofu?

10 die princess die the racer lions eat lions gold standard laboratories

10 bleeding rainbow start again interrupt kanine

10 t.i.t.s. adolf hustler t.i.t.s. teenage menopause

10 mugstar axis modulator axis agitated

10 yodok iii 23:30 yodok iii tonefloat

10 ten volt shock narcotic shell strasbourg gunner

10 nicoffeine proteineache lighthealer stalking flashplayer blunoise

10 khohd suffer first e.p. autoproduction

11 psalm zero chaos body the drain profound lore

11 vialka en attendant tout s´évapore the republic of the bored and boring manufracture

11 grüppe la ün cd-r autoproduction

11 senyawa tanah-live at fky 25 1/7/2013 tanah-live at fky 25 1/7/2013 autoproduction

11 jean-louis costes sperme blanc nik ta race rectangle

11 t.i.t.s. you make me sick t.i.t.s. teenage menopause

11 bleeding rainbow dead head interrupt kanine

Artiste: bleeding rainbow
Album: interrupt
Label: kanine

Artiste: t.i.t.s.
Album: t.i.t.s.
Label: teenage menopause


Artiste: gnod
Album: in gnod we trust
Label: rocket
Track(s): tony´s first communion

Artiste: lay llamas
Album: ostro
Label: rocket
Track(s): voices call

Artiste: teeth of the sea
Album: a field in england: re-imagined
Label: rocket
Track(s): open up and let the devil in

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