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  EMISSION DU 15/06/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 hammerhead resurrecto memory hole autoproduction

2 soft girl ghost a warm romanticism in coldwave room autoproduction

3 white lung drown with the monster deep fantasy domino

4 thin privilege hex charmer thin privilege struggletown

5 biscuit mouth sonny mottram doing it right and doing it well autoproduction

6 his electro blue voice sea bug ruthless sperm sub pop

7 bullfrog garbage collector good day for doomsday autoproduction

7 sea dweller marion signs of a perfect disaster upside down

7 sea dweller salt signs of a perfect disaster upside down

7 sea dweller free fall signs of a perfect disaster upside down

10 corridors live jam yellowstock winterfest 2013 - autoproduction

11 guili guili goulag shinseina - autoproduction

11 peter kernel high fever the singles (2014) autoproduction

11 white lung i believe you deep fantasy domino

11 thin privilege red cloak thin privilege struggletown

12 pop.1280 data dump the grid sacred bones

13 godflesh decline and fall decline and fall avalanche

14 dasmodell bicycle loser dasmodell shove

14 shopping long way home consumer complaints milk

15 orchestre tout puissant marcel duchamp apo rotorotor moi j´connais

15 melt yourself down we are enough melt yourself down leaf

15 doomsquad disremember/dismemberment kalaboogie hand drawn dracula

15 sonic boom angel spectrum silvertone

15 tar halos solid footprint pinched autoproduction

15 ssaliva drugged out quest rza vlek

15 thin privilege leave the body thin privilege struggletown

15 white lung lucky one deep fantasy domino

Artiste: white lung
Album: deep fantasy
Label: domino

Artiste: thin privilege
Album: thin privilege
Label: struggletown


Artiste: sea dweller
Album: signs of a perfect disaster
Label: upside down
Track(s): marion / salt / free fall

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