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  EMISSION DU 09/11/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 kindling sunspots spike & wave moon sounds

2 chimes total sunflower psychic slack autoproduction

3 punching swans limpet mollusc skingasm

4 universe people loves like a man are coming to the dance dragnet

5 donkiri fünf et demi donkiri et mon cul c´est du tofu?

6 la tentation nihiliste nothingness one year without sex ep autoproduction

7 electric orange symptom of the moony nurse volume 10 studio fleisch

7 nothing dig guilty of everything relapse

7 nothing somersault guilty of everything relapse

7 nothing b&e guilty of everything relapse

10 thurston moore detonation the best day matador

11 the scrap dealers no sense in your eyes the scrap dealers jaune orange

11 jack of heart baby bitch in yer mouth born bad

11 universe people we´re coming to the dance are coming to the dance dragnet

12 punching swans beach party mollusc skingasm

13 a minor forest the dutch fist inindependence thrill jockey

14 barkmarket fresh kills l. ron pias

15 codeine cigarette machine frigid stars sub pop

15 ... and you will know us by the trail of dead mistakes & regrets madonna domino

16 todd sedan purity pledge southern

16 russian circles malko geneva suicide squeeze

16 juno when i was in a future lived in past tense desoto

16 drive like jehu human interest yank crime swami

16 casse brique toucan le sodome v/a: get spanked #2 spank me more

16 sebadoh shit soup bakesale sub pop

16 punching swans i was born every year mollusc skingasm

16 universe people my cabana boys are coming to the dance dragnet

Artiste: universe people
Album: are coming to the dance
Label: dragnet

Artiste: punching swans
Album: mollusc
Label: skingasm


Artiste: nothing
Album: guilty of everything
Label: relapse
Track(s): dig / somersault / b&e


Diederik & Nico - De Geluidsarchitect - 15 ans

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