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  EMISSION DU 16/11/2014

Artiste Track Album Label

1 celica xx veneno por navidad niños luchando disoos calabaza

2 jensen serf company varial speed triple freaks a beach autoproduction

3 dark times labels give sheep chase

4 usa nails chain of command sonic moist smalltown america

5 u sco took chase treffpunkt new atlantis

6 enablers the percentages - autoproduction

7 coastline truckers cavalcade coastline truckers honest house

7 felt bitter end bubblegum perfume creation

7 felt sandman´s on the rise again bubblegum perfume creation

7 felt ballad of the band bubblegum perfume creation

10 chain gang grave autumn cannibalism when your friends becomes cops autoproduction

11 white lung sycophant deep fantasy domino

11 melkbelly doomspringa pennsylvania automatic

11 dark times give give sheep chase

12 usa nails oh caroline sonic moist smalltown america

13 his electro blue voice eat sons dead sons ep brave mysteries

14 his electro blue voice born tired ruthless sperm sub pop

15 lower bastard tactics seek warmer climes escho

15 holograms meditations forever captured tracks

16 jessica93 asylum rise teenage menopause

16 kinex kinex falling apart - autoproduction

16 disappears another thought irreal kranky

16 the cult of dom keller heavy & dead (demo version) the second bardo cardinal fuzz

16 mugstar breathing mirror v/a: mugstar / the cosmic dead split evil hoodoo

16 usa nails un-name everything sonic moist smalltown america

16 dark times lies give sheep chase

Artiste: dark times
Album: give
Label: sheep chase

Artiste: usa nails
Album: sonic moist
Label: smalltown america


Artiste: felt
Album: bubblegum perfume
Label: creation
Track(s): bitter end / sandman´s on the rise again / ballad of the band

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