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  EMISSION DU 11/01/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 jaguwar breathe bullets which taste like pure fruit i pinmusik

2 lost rockets hundred year cough hundred year cough b/w doom town hell is now love

3 the beverleys bad company the beverleys ep buzz

4 two trick horse black water burro del fuego autoproduction

5 basement labyrinth counterclockwise some produkt

5 madeincanada cognitive impairments v/a: ex wives / madeincanada split cheap satanism

6 leggy sweet teeth cavity castle autoproduction

6 slowcoaches surface observations v/a: slowcoaches/feature split - tourists ep autoproduction

6 melkbelly theme from blar iii newed snow public house sound

6 the shivas you know what to do you know what to do k

8 manon meurt until you can manon meurt autoproduction

9 matthew collings silence is a rhythm too silence is a rhythm too denovali

9 sex snobs king of the jungle lonely autoproduction

9 painted zeros polar night s v a l b a r d black bell

9 roberta bondar children caustic bruise tongue

9 jessica93 uranus rise teenage menopause

9 beak> green machine + invada

9 camera from the outside remember i was carbon dioxide bureau b

9 wrangler lava land la spark memetune

10 the bug pandi angels & devils ninja tune

10 the cult of dom keller into the sky volcano the second bardo cardinal fuzz

10 lower daft persuasion seek warmer climes escho

10 dasmodell bicycle loser dasmodell shove

10 the shaolin afronauts boogie back accra follow the path freestyle

10 run the jewels close your eyes (and count to fuck) run the jewels 2 mass appeal

10 new tongues el condor pasa suite 4 songs autoproduction

10 luna ghost in the shadow of ghosts luna ghost ep autoproduction

Artiste: manon meurt
Album: manon meurt
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): until you can

Artiste: matthew collings
Album: silence is a rhythm too
Label: denovali
Track(s): silence is a rhythm too

Artiste: the shivas
Album: you know what to do
Label: k
Track(s): you know what to do

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