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  EMISSION DU 18/01/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 piles skuzz piles autoproduction

2 hotel wrecking city traders loose alcoholic loose alcoholic autoproduction

3 peter kernel leaving for the moon thrill addict on the camper

4 planning for burial where you rest your head at night desideratum flenser

5 vexx stress vexx m´lady´s

5 trash kit beach babe confidence upset the rhythm

6 viva bazooka tata tarumba beso mata banda bang! polit buro recording fiasco

6 disappears interpretation irreal kranky

6 machines learning strong men also cry machines learning autoproduction

6 bis tell it to the kids the new transistor heroes wiiija

8 bis sweet shop avengerz the new transistor heroes wiiija

9 bis antiseptic poetry the new transistor heroes wiiija

9 bis rebel soul the new transistor heroes wiiija

9 gerda potshots yiour sister wallace

9 vandal x no shuffle god knows fons

9 peter kernel you´re flawless thrill addict on the camper

9 planning for burial desideratum desideratum flenser

9 jozef van wissem et sqürl this is your wilderness v/a: only lovers left alive atp

9 haikai no ku void in aimless flight ultra high dimensionality box

10 räpe blossoms outlines ruinenlust labelman

10 shellac you came in me dude incredible touch and go

10 planning for burial golden desideratum flenser

10 peter kernel i kinda like it thrill addict on the camper

Artiste: planning for burial
Album: desideratum
Label: flenser

Artiste: peter kernel
Album: thrill addict
Label: on the camper


Artiste: bis
Album: the new transistor heroes
Label: wiiija
Track(s): tell it to the kids / sweet shop avengerz / antiseptic poetry / rebel soul

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