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  EMISSION DU 22/02/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 thee oh sees carrion crawler carrion crawler/the dream in the red

2 courtney barnett pedestrian at best sometimes i sit and think, and sometimes i just think mom + pop

3 shopping drunk billionaire throws party tuff noogies autoproduction

4 coma in algiers 95 happy forever a wicked company

5 babe rage fuck you object autoproduction

5 metz acetate metz ii sub pop

6 it it anita tacoma it it anita honest house

6 frank shinobi safari sm semantics honest house

6 kigo like amber like amber autoproduction

6 king woman wrong doubt flenser

8 amute i was all yours you know savage bliss three:four

9 venera 4 black paws eidôlon requiem pour un twister

9 horizontal hold t-shirt quilt this is not a living potluck foundation

9 peter kernel i kinda like it thrill addict on the camper

9 shopping 4 track tape hiss is desire tuff noogies autoproduction

9 coma in algiers sexual deings happy forever a wicked company

9 riftworm earthworks household autoproduction

9 pissed jeans romanticize me honeys sub pop

9 anglo scalps gluebreath headcleaner autoproduction

10 space siren song for a dead pilot songs for a dead pilot subroutine

10 speedy ortiz raising the skate foil deer carpark

10 snob harassed snob autoproduction

10 noyades bear rider noyades s.k.

10 coma in algiers extol happy forever a wicked company

10 shopping bloody toilet paper tuff noogies autoproduction

Artiste: coma in algiers
Album: happy forever
Label: a wicked company

Artiste: shopping
Album: tuff noogies
Label: autoproduction

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