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  EMISSION DU 01/03/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 leggy grrrls like us nice try autoproduction

2 joanna gruesome last year peanut butter turnstile

3 conduct a figure fear and desire public tone

4 ainara legardon no end every minute aloud music

5 big knife little knife suspensive hyphen too many words autoproduction

6 jessica93 uranus rise teenage menopause

7 youth in bloom dismantle shell mayfly

7 the lucid dream in your eyes songs of lies and deceit holy are you

7 the lucid dream twilight end songs of lies and deceit holy are you

7 the lucid dream cold killer the lucid dream the great pop supplement

10 false punk the world fell out of a hole in my pocket kick rocks not punk

11 le singe blanc monorone aoûtat whosbrain

11 les mains froides #1 partie concert ateliers bitche nantes autoproduction

11 enablers went right the rightful pivot exile on mainstream

12 conduct public issue fear and desire public tone

13 ainara legardon magnetic every minute aloud music

14 p.r.o.b.l.e.m.s. evil woman make it through the night doomtown sounds

15 callisto wormwood noir fullsteam

15 pneu temple machine destination qualité head

16 la jungle ape in a python la jungle rockerill

16 caudal slow bow ascension consouling sounds

16 convulsif part 1 cd3 get a life

16 eagle twin hornsnakehorns the feather tipped the serpent´s scale southern lord

16 conduct contract killer fear and desire public tone

16 ainara legardon every minute every minute aloud music

Artiste: ainara legardon
Album: every minute
Label: aloud music

Artiste: conduct
Album: fear and desire
Label: public tone


Artiste: the lucid dream
Album: songs of lies and deceit
Label: holy are you
Track(s): in your eyes / twilight end

Artiste: the lucid dream
Album: the lucid dream
Label: the great pop supplement
Track(s): cold killer

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