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  EMISSION DU 17/05/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 art trip and the static sound forever forever fiasco

2 loose tooth lizzy easy easy east fleeting youth

3 piles #3 planet skin autoproduction

4 the virgance breitling orbiter hiko shrine el vals del conejo

5 wozniak el maresme pikes peak morningside young team

6 the mary hart attack the collision course of my destiny a dark green light oddie

7 honeymoon halo i wanna see everything autoproduction

7 collapsed lung burn rubber soul jackpot goalie deceptive

7 collapsed lung ballad night c**ler deceptive

8 collapsed lung casino kisschase c**ler deceptive

9 sec barbatofu que chaque jour soit dimanche a tant rêver du roi

10 hands up who wants to die no big deal vega in the lyre learning curve

10 piles mude planet skin autoproduction

10 the virgance airsick hiko shrine el vals del conejo

10 organic my own grey empty century swiss dark nights

10 loop precession array 1´ atp

10 theeunforeseen hypnotic death sound + vision sore dreams

10 the eye of time embrace the truth, face the end of all things anti denovali

11 gnod desire infinity machines rocket

11 disappears i_o irreal kranky

11 hey colossus eat it in black and gold rocket

11 piles cave planet skin autoproduction

11 the virgance interceptors hiko shrine el vals del conejo

Artiste: piles
Album: planet skin
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: the virgance
Album: hiko shrine
Label: el vals del conejo


Artiste: collapsed lung
Album: c**ler
Label: deceptive
Track(s): ballad night / casino kisschase

Artiste: collapsed lung
Album: jackpot goalie
Label: deceptive
Track(s): burn rubber soul

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