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  EMISSION DU 24/05/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 yo maté a tu perro ven, esta noche yo maté a tu perro autoproduction

2 duchess says pink coffin (i give a fuck) v/a: duchess says/le prince harry split lp teenage menopause

3 sauna youth transmitters distractions upset the rhythm

4 space drugs laceless black dog takes the bait autoproduction

5 asian women on the telephone мы из метала you have reached your destination autoproduction

5 nnevteiga selfish youth state-of-the-art entertainment tendresse

6 desert graves thorns demo autoproduction

6 93millionmilesfromthesun watch her fall fall into nothing white light sounds

6 no babies tanuki suit no babies upset the rhythm

7 no babies x plus x yo no soy como tú upset the rhythm

8 no babies 1 do semanas y dos semanas màs autoproduction

9 zoft mr. goodpain electrically haunted humpty dumpty

9 throat polio stance short circuit reptilian

9 thee oh sees rogue planet mutilator defeated at last castle face

9 sauna youth monotony distractions upset the rhythm

9 space drugs please black dog takes the bait autoproduction

9 pile baby boy dripping exploding in sound

9 polvo fast canoe exploded drawing touch and go

10 morphine all your way yes rykodisc

10 pain teens living hell stimulation festival trance syndicate

10 lida husik back in the march the return of red emma shimmy disc

10 lady lamb the beekeeper aubergine ripely pine ba da bing !

10 the night escape from carpenters volume 1 popkatari

10 big ups widigdoti widigdoti father/daughter

11 graham repulski theme from short circuit bird school big school

11 pile mr. fish you´re better than this exploding in sound

11 space drugs quiet as a mouse black dog takes the bait autoproduction

11 sauna youth creeping distractions upset the rhythm

Artiste: space drugs
Album: black dog takes the bait
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: sauna youth
Album: distractions
Label: upset the rhythm


Artiste: no babies
Album: do semanas y dos semanas màs
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): 1

Artiste: no babies
Album: no babies
Label: upset the rhythm
Track(s): tanuki suit

Artiste: no babies
Album: yo no soy como tú
Label: upset the rhythm
Track(s): x plus x


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