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  EMISSION DU 20/09/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 pity party anniversary in heaven everything is fine autoproduction

2 the ukiah drag open room hell crypt cruiser wharf cat

3 zulus white virgin ii aagoo

4 we´ll go machete absence smile club cedar fever

5 the black waves full-time dreamers thousands of visions autoproduction

6 riftworm anger tower v/a: edifice/riftworm autoproduction

7 the virgance moonolog paradigm 3 el vals del conejo

8 vhs dream the beginning feels like the end wonderfully hopeless autoproduction

9 vhs dream killing a friend wonderfully hopeless autoproduction

10 vhs dream aeiou aeiou autoproduction

11 schoolbusdriver red dwarf dripping blood nursery rhymes for old men fuzz-wire

11 tropical trash ufo rot ufo rot load

11 destruction unit proper decay negative feedback resistor sacred bones

12 taïfun masterfuck of coyotes and men honest house

12 zulus gemini ii aagoo

12 we´ll go machete positive people smile club cedar fever

12 it it anita imposter recorded by john agnello luik

13 hot snakes if credits what matters i´ll take credit automatic midnight swami

13 kate mosh heart on fire (kate mosh version) amourette kunst ist klub

13 why? good friday alopecia tomlab

13 the new year 18 the end is near touch and go

13 sonic youth radical adults lick godhead style murray street geffen

13 kurt vile society is my friend smoke ring for my halo matador

14 25 mayday distortions of life lofi

14 it it anita templier recorded by john agnello luik

14 we´ll go machete cigarettes and face masks smile club cedar fever

14 zulus the city´s vein ii aagoo

Artiste: zulus
Album: ii
Label: aagoo

Artiste: we´ll go machete
Album: smile club
Label: cedar fever


Artiste: vhs dream
Album: aeiou
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): aeiou

Artiste: vhs dream
Album: wonderfully hopeless
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): the beginning feels like the end / killing a friend


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