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  EMISSION DU 27/09/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 jo passed monkey mind monkey mind autoproduction

2 kittyflipping instead kittyflipping autoproduction

3 breathing patterns dolphinister pt. 3 all beat up autoproduction

4 the telescopes you know the way hidden fields tapete

5 flavor crystals bridge of noise the shiver of the flavor crystals mlps ltd

5 noveller into the dunes fantastic planet fire

6 hammerhead zooid new directionz black wall

6 taman shud the hissing priest´s remains viper smoke trashmouth

7 casa bonita stringmachine domesticate yourself autoproduction

8 humanshapes royal jelly behavior autoproduction

9 no joy remember nothing more faithful mexican summer

9 radar men from the moon hacienda subversive i fuzz club

9 the telescopes in every sense hidden fields tapete

9 breathing patterns dead all beat up autoproduction

9 shub franky vincent goes to hollywood the snake, the goose and the ladder whosbrain

9 boutros bubba look like a woman, speak like a man national anthems whosbrain

9 hands up who wants to die scoops vega in the lyre whosbrain

10 microwave with marge my cat jumps out the closet cow licks cow whosbrain

10 joe 4 pop is enola gay whosbrain

10 myself my run against me haro! whosbrain

10 one lick less eyes want spirits of marine terrace whosbrain

10 donkiri fünf et demi donkiri whosbrain

10 the glad husbands tennis god bless the stormy weather whosbrain

11 fighting caravans tyrannosaur beasts of england autoproduction

11 the telescopes don´t bring me out hidden fields tapete

11 breathing patterns reader all beat up autoproduction

Artiste: breathing patterns
Album: all beat up
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: the telescopes
Album: hidden fields
Label: tapete

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