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  EMISSION DU 04/10/2015

Artiste Track Album Label

1 junkie stupid feels stupid feels autoproduction

2 psychic blood bloom alien wharf cat

3 all the weathers abc 6 for gold wrong place (right time)

4 batpiss the store biomass poison city

5 bearfoot beware ongoing opera world owes you nowt autoproduction

5 infinity girl hesse harm topshelf

6 broken water high-lo wrought night people

6 2¦frail dawn vagues noires autoproduction

7 2¦frail your life backwards vagues noires autoproduction

8 2¦frail the guilt vagues noires autoproduction

9 dope body old grey kunk drag city

9 adolina a year of mondays caldeira a tant rêver du roi

9 pneu municipal geographic destination qualité head

9 batpiss death will.... biomass poison city

9 all the weathers wipeout 6 for gold wrong place (right time)

9 peter brötzmann / steve noble a skin falls off i am here where are you trost

9 carlton melton full moon revisited country ways agitated

10 germanotta youth a serbian kolo germanotta youth wallace

10 james leg fire and brimstone solitary pleasure alive

10 pigs gaffe gaffe solar flare

10 usa nails push him back where he is from sonic moist smalltown america

10 bell witch i wait longing profound lore

11 hugo race & the true spirit cyprus grove blues rue morgue blues normal

11 enablers west virginia the righftul pivot exile on mainstream

11 filiamotsa 4qso v/a: rosemary k´s diaries 03 (trunks/filiamotsa split) les disques de plomb

11 batpiss the idiot biomass poison city

11 all the weathers o h and yeah 6 for gold wrong place (right time)

Artiste: batpiss
Album: biomass
Label: poison city

Artiste: all the weathers
Album: 6 for gold
Label: wrong place (right time)


Artiste: 2¦frail
Album: vagues noires
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): dawn / your life backwards / the guilt

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