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  EMISSION DU 10/01/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 brian tamaki and the kool aid kids eating glue the enchanted castle autoproduction

2 timmy´s organism get up, get out heartless heathen third man

3 punching swans man nest nesting skingasm

4 tess parks & anton newcombe wehmut i declare nothing a

5 angels dust haunted slow tapes hit+run

6 buzz rodeo victoria victoria autoproduction

7 think tank oaxaca servants, animals, or anything else head vs. heart

8 flying saucer attack - (untitled track #4) instrumentals 2015 domino

9 flying saucer attack - (untitled track #6) instrumentals 2015 domino

10 flying saucer attack - (untitled track #15) instrumentals 2015 domino

11 trementina fall in to your bed spd autoproduction

11 the kvb in deep of desire invada

12 the nuclear family crash the nuclear family virgin spring publishing

13 hey colossus hesitation time radio static high rocket

14 pop.1280 chromidia paradise sacred bones

15 punching swans beak throat nesting skingasm

15 tess parks & anton newcombe cocaine cat i declare nothing a

16 bear bones, lay low a fourth ring el telonero (k-raa-k)³

16 locrian an index of air infinite dissolution relapse

16 vandal x fuck up body god knows fons

16 zeus! colon hell motomonotono three one g

16 uk subs police state (part 1) shake up the city abstract

17 venomous concept drop dead poisoned apple century media

17 voodoo glow skulls rancho grande exitos al cabron grita!

17 jungbluth lokalkolorit lovecult autoproduction

17 gum takes tooth buried fires mirrors fold tigertrap

17 punching swans flight nesting skingasm

17 tess parks & anton newcombe german tangerine i declare nothing a

Artiste: tess parks & anton newcombe
Album: i declare nothing
Label: a

Artiste: punching swans
Album: nesting
Label: skingasm


Artiste: flying saucer attack
Album: instrumentals 2015
Label: domino
Track(s): - (untitled track #4) / - (untitled track #6) / - (untitled track #15)

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