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  EMISSION DU 17/01/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 buzz rodeo paperclip v/a: buzz rodeo / peru split antena krzyku

2 leggy bruises dang manic static

3 flowers of evil loveless thought flowers of evil deranged

4 naked lights pictus on nature castle face

5 the sweet release of death fox fox katzwijm

6 the oscillation truth in reverse monographic hands in the dark

7 radar men from the moon deconstruction subversive i fuzz club

8 the hinnies doodle dead four bad girl

9 the hinnies way cool dead four bad girl

10 the hinnies sleeping song dead four bad girl

11 cocaine piss waiting the pool in dogs we trust

11 megamoto makeshift signal megamoto autoproduction

11 ours blond what about ruining a family? ours blond le collectif semi-conscient

12 so pitted rot in hell neo sub pop

12 big ups national parks before a million universes exploding in sound

12 naked lights blue ink on nature castle face

12 flowers of evil morning after pill flowers of evil deranged

13 pop.1280 uss iss paradise sacred bones

13 white hills cavity cavity autoproduction

13 gold class athena it´s you felte

13 giöbia lentamente la luce svanira magnifier sulatron

13 duane serah heal my soul duane serah sick fuzz

14 sexwitch ha howa ha howa sexwitch echo

14 mombu / oddatee kill guns #3 subsound

14 colin stetson and sarah neufeld with the dark hug of time never were the way she was constellation

14 the third eye foundation hymn to pan semtex [20th anniversary ed.] ici d´ailleurs...

14 flowers of evil ss eyes flowers of evil deranged

14 naked lights barrel on nature castle face

Artiste: naked lights
Album: on nature
Label: castle face

Artiste: flowers of evil
Album: flowers of evil
Label: deranged


Artiste: the hinnies
Album: dead four
Label: bad girl
Track(s): doodle / way cool / sleeping song

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