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  EMISSION DU 24/01/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mommy long legs weird girl assholes autoproduction

2 the lumes satan lust katzwijm

3 running jason polak wake up applauding castle face

4 lust you & i lust backpack

5 carbonleak waveland waveland autoproduction

6 the scrap dealers walking home after a thousand blows jaune orange

7 bend sinister better now tape 2 homeless

8 negative capability desert one negative capability press gang

9 hellrazor big tick v/a: hellrazor / spook the herd split seagreen

10 bloodhounds on my trail old fools escape ii moon sounds

11 bloodhounds on my trail silence, it´s golden escape ii moon sounds

11 bloodhounds on my trail she´s in my plans escape ii moon sounds

11 shopping let it go, let it go, let it go gizzard shingles autoproduction

11 shopping saralee why choose fat cat

11 blood drugs equerry blood drugs good to die

11 running speed camera wake up applauding castle face

11 lust alone lust backpack

12 shooting guns mega volcano v/a: brothers of nod - shooting guns / hawkeyes split helmet lady

12 the manhattan love suicides bikini party / birthday kill bikini party / birthday kill odd box

12 smut nothing better conveniently broken autoproduction

12 big hush pay to play who´s smoking your spirit? dz tapes

12 partisan run run run partisan hypertension

13 cataya tal sperre sukzession moment of collapse

13 haikai no ku temple factory temporary infinity box

13 we. the pigs papercut we. the pigs discos de kirlian

13 running no wave jose wake up applauding castle face

13 lust when you´re blue lust backpack

13 sex jams catch! catch! this charming man

Artiste: lust
Album: lust
Label: backpack

Artiste: running
Album: wake up applauding
Label: castle face


Artiste: bloodhounds on my trail
Album: escape ii
Label: moon sounds
Track(s): old fools / silence, it´s golden / she´s in my plans

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