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  EMISSION DU 21/02/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 dreamweapon the heart is alive dreamweapon lovers & lollypops

2 dolores haze reaching placebo the haze is forever woah dad!

3 wet brain wife life not sorry autoproduction

4 black oil incinerator bus stop built in space academia tapes plus

5 zëros cracking san francisco ici d´ailleurs

6 scout niblett second chance dreams it´s up to emma drag city

7 granny wendy and wade egg gp stripes

8 drache balazuc skeet shooting autoproduction

9 pauwels kobarid kobal october tone

10 the shifters benedicte men the shifters autoproduction

11 the shifters captain hinsight the shifters autoproduction

11 the shifters the american attitude to law the shifters autoproduction

11 mdme spkr big nothing humanoid pomponette

12 wet brain waitress not sorry autoproduction

13 black oil incinerator dirty lingerie built in space academia tapes plus

14 traams gimme gimme gimme gimme (love) modern dancing fat cat

14 oromocto diamond opononi opononi p572

15 locean traine traine tesla tapes

15 the mary hart attack you talk too much a dark green light oddie

15 miners empty words pala strange pursuits

15 organic alyss empty century swiss dark nights

16 total victory kalfon (pas l´acteur) if you were there the total victory insurance claims unit

16 black oil incinerator built in space built in space academia tapes plus

18 wet brain the fear not sorry autoproduction

Artiste: black oil incinerator
Album: built in space
Label: academia tapes plus

Artiste: wet brain
Album: not sorry
Label: autoproduction


Artiste: the shifters
Album: the shifters
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): benedicte men / captain hinsight / the american attitude to law

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