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  EMISSION DU 28/02/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 vale horse distortion hymns autoproduction

2 astro children while i appreciate your concern plain and fancy killings autoproduction

3 rev rev rev je est un autre des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient kinotone

4 behavior dry swift horse 375 images of angels iron lung

5 clever your eyesore´s sweat kewdi udi homeless

6 ultraphallus the blood sequence the art of spectres sub rosa

7 kal marks mankind life is alright, everybody dies exploding in sound

7 white lung hungry paradise domino

8 snotty babies sicko snotty babies exxe

9 melon melon melon sink demos autoproduction

10 soda lilies quadraclover live recordings from the mouse on the motorcycle world tour autoproduction

10 the oscillation another attack monographic hands in the dark

10 mercury rocket nepalimore mindbenders moon sounds

10 lydia lunch retrovirus snakepit breakdown urge to kill rustblade

10 behavior 78 375 images of angels iron lung

10 rev rev rev plymouth morning des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient kinotone

11 the black heart rebellion the darkest of men v/a: this is hirse i.corrupt

11 single state of man health & history v/a: single state of man/men as trees split i.corrupt

11 actress queen of the billboards glacier 2005-2009 i.corrupt

11 bonehouse one arm in the long summer i.corrupt

12 willy fog lupus harlekin geisterpfeifenfisch i.corrupt

12 euryale génération noir euryale i.corrupt

12 waking aida a sort of calm full heal robot needs home

13 behavior outfit 375 images of angels iron lung

13 rev rev rev blame des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient kinotone

Artiste: behavior
Album: 375 images of angels
Label: iron lung

Artiste: rev rev rev
Album: des fleurs magiques bourdonnaient
Label: kinotone

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