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  EMISSION DU 27/03/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 atombombpocketknife these are the good ole days the knoxville years sound on sound

2 violent panda rainbow songs we like autoproduction

3 wimps vampire suitcase kill rock stars

4 tiger magic the dress mommy gave me if nothing works out, at least i do sm musik

5 jesuits hexx malthouse session autoproduction

5 the december sound speaking from tomorrow real reign autoproduction

6 sleepwalk the problem of mental deterioration heaven´s gate autoproduction

6 origami geijutsu differential geometry lp / preproduction 2015 autoproduction

7 humanities century of the selfie humanities 100 eyes

8 arrows of love suck everythings fucked 1-2-3-4

9 boy art donut it´s not yr birthday autoproduction

9 mugstar time machine magnetic seasons rock action

9 nyos youth youth autoproduction

9 wimps middle ages suitcase kill rock stars

9 tiger magic together if nothing works out, at least i do sm musik

9 mannheim watcher super-empowered autoproduction

10 oui mais non horace, situation insoutenable des engins tandori

10 no metal in this battle ours ours autoproduction

10 30,000 monkies imperial staches somewhere over the painbow autoproduction

10 vandal x flashlight flashlight fons

11 kokomo i´m bill murray monochrome noise love i.corrupt

11 matt elliott the calm before the calm before ici d´ailleurs...

11 tiger magic runnin´ if nothing works out, at least i do sm musik

12 wimps old guy suitcase kill rock stars

Artiste: wimps
Album: suitcase
Label: kill rock stars

Artiste: tiger magic
Album: if nothing works out, at least i do
Label: sm musik

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