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  EMISSION DU 03/04/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 art trip and the static sound negative energy oxymoron fiasco

2 tacocat plan a, plan b lost time hardly art

3 witching waves twister crystal cafe soft power

4 el yunque kassandra, esq. baskenland stabwaf

5 la pince gosse tout mais sec katatak

6 a place to bury strangers we´ve come so far transfixiation dead oceans

7 the john-pauls island of lanes the john-pauls aagoo

8 disco doom zonk numerals defer

9 disco doom star drone trux reverb defer

10 disco doom lub rrkr autoproduction

11 dri hiev contravirtual contravirtual shake!

12 white spot skip the birth i had the best for a little while autoproduction

13 calva bagarre des étoiles siamois a tant rêver du roi

14 baxter stockman nukkumassa? v/a: baxter stockman/hebosagil/throat split kaos control

15 shake shake bolino a forest s.s.b. autoproduction

15 witching waves seeing double crystal cafe soft power

16 el yunque noztechtransch baskenland stabwaf

16 nashville pussy struttin´ cock high as hell axe killer

16 ricardo donoso crepusculum saravá exu denovali

16 the body a curse all the waters of the earth turn to blood at a loss

17 full of hell pisce legs roots of earth are consuming my home a389

17 quintron sucre du sauvage sucre du sauvage goner

18 behold! the monolith halv king defender, redeemist artic forest

19 blind idiot god antiquity before ever after indivisible music

20 acidez no existen reglas don´t ask for permission unrest

20 pop.1280 uss iss paradise sacred bones

20 the adverts bored teenagers gary gilmore´s eyes anchor

20 gnod learn to forgive mirror rocket

20 el yunque nátwoord baskenland stabwaf

20 witching waves flowers crystal cafe soft power

Artiste: witching waves
Album: crystal cafe
Label: soft power

Artiste: el yunque
Album: baskenland
Label: stabwaf


Artiste: disco doom
Album: rrkr
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): lub

Artiste: disco doom
Album: numerals
Label: defer
Track(s): zonk

Artiste: disco doom
Album: trux reverb
Label: defer
Track(s): star drone

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