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  EMISSION DU 24/04/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 liqs nothing for me nothing 4 me jeffery drag

2 chron turbine silent partner ii peterwalkee

3 polonium bastard seraphim controlled burn

4 ultraphallus madrigal lane the art of spectres sub rosa

5 10000 russos karl burns 10000 russos fuzz club

5 no joy remember nothing more faithful mexican summer

6 miniatures what you want jessamines autoproduction

6 sauna youth abstract notions distractions upset the rhythm

7 supersoakerr she doesn´t care she doesn´t care autoproduction

8 ropoporose birdbus birdbus yotanka

9 metz & swami john reis caught up let it rust swami

9 mont-doré let´s not slam the doors anymore fractures black basset

9 crowd of chairs hieronymous v/a: serve yourself - crowd of chairs / maze split live fast die young

9 piss shy church channel rerun the best of autoproduction

9 polonium kids on top seraphim controlled burn

9 ultraphallus let him be alistair the art of spectres sub rosa

10 origami geijutsu the randlet system the hibakusha haikus tryptik studio

10 life of an owl in alaska paris i fly / i watch - i kill / i eat​ - i make no noise hyphen

10 mathem and tricks run til´the top iniki autoproduction

10 cut in toxteth must die autoproduction

11 goldorak noire savate mitchel carne hyphen

11 sunken pressure drop out autoproduction

11 megamoto makeshift signal megamoto autoproduction

12 supergenius the transmitter supergenius palm reader

12 heisa haute cuisine haute cuisine autoproduction

12 polonium tuberculosis seraphim controlled burn

12 ultraphallus sinister exaggerator the art of spectres sub rosa

Artiste: polonium
Album: seraphim
Label: controlled burn

Artiste: ultraphallus
Album: the art of spectres
Label: sub rosa

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