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  EMISSION DU 25/09/2016

Artiste Track Album Label

1 halfsour ten year tenure charm school too far gone

2 cheap wig impress me demos autoproduction

3 animal lover dreamhouse stay alive forward

4 baby fire tiger heart gold off

5 moe wild horses examination of the eye of a horse wallace

6 attila krang mabrouk gymkhana cheap satanism

7 hag freak human is not just a steak autoproduction

7 thurston moore chelsea´s kiss chelsea´s kiss blank editions

8 vaga sagrado a curious case of rape alea iacta est ects

9 turnip king surprise party laika fire talk

10 syloh plum jam okay mang autoproduction

10 wild classical music ensemble de wind tapping is clapping et mon cul c´est du tofu?

10 cocaine piss elegance the dancer hypertension

10 buzz rodeo pretty lousy bastard sports whosbrain

10 animal lover jerk the technician stay alive forward

10 baby fire gold gold off

11 dead skeletons buddha-christ buddha-christ fuzz club

11 the wands the key hello i know the blow you grow is magic fuzz club

11 oracle o. we´re no good cracking the eyes fuzz club

11 electric eye the road pick-up, lift-off, space, time fuzz club

12 the vacant lots mad mary jones departure sonic cathedral

12 the myrrors burning circles in the sky burning circles in the sky fuzz club

12 the thid sound never catch her again gospels of degenaration fuzz club

13 the orange revival 1999 futurecent fuzz club

13 dead rabbits honestly everything is a lie fuzz club

13 polar polar polar polar vinaigre 32 août autoproduction

13 baby fire you, forever gold off

13 animal lover waterparks of america stay alive forward

Artiste: animal lover
Album: stay alive
Label: forward

Artiste: baby fire
Album: gold
Label: off

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