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  EMISSION DU 08/05/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 todd miss longhornspeedway purity pledge southern

1 the projects the empty hours let's get static track & field

3 the fall blindness interim hip priest

4 jerseyturnpike grey permafrost jerseyturnpike

5 ramp st. ockwell st. ockwell 7'' enraptured

5 cranes angel bell population 4 dedicated

7 cranes lilies (flood mix) loved (us edition) dedicated

7 cranes jewel (live 03) live in italy instinct

7 data 70 departure space loops volume one (double 7'') enraptured

7 slint good morning, captain spiderland touch and go

9 atombombpocketknife gold leaf lack and pattern file 13

10 les georges leningrad georges v deux hot dogs moutarde chou alien8

10 greyscale echocycle cruel machine camera obscura

10 molia falls suburbia 5 track promo cd autoproduction

10 the fall mod mock goth interim hip priest

10 sleepy lili positive vibe trees autoproduction

10 stereo total ne m'appelle pas ta biche do the bambi disko b

10 sennen just wanted to know collected recordings 2003/2004 autoproduction

10 sz s-one live recordings drunk dog

10 hang on the box i am mine for every punk bitch & arsehole arrivederci baby!

10 volt voice listen démo autoproduction

10 the vaselines molly's lips v/a: rough trade shops - indie pop 1 mute

10 the fall sparta fc no:3 interim hip priest

11 red sparowes the soundless dawn came alive as cities began to mark the horizon. at the soundless dawn neurot

Artiste: the fall
Album: interim
Label: hip priest


Artiste: cranes
Album: loved (us edition)
Label: dedicated
Track(s): lilies (flood mix)

Artiste: cranes
Album: population 4
Label: dedicated
Track(s): angel bell

Artiste: cranes
Album: live in italy
Label: instinct
Track(s): jewel (live 03)

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