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  EMISSION DU 15/05/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the fall what about us? interim hip priest

1 klang waiting no sound is heard blast first petite

3 the duke spirit lion rip lion rip 7'' loog

4 electrelane bells axes too pure

5 naifu spider naughty pony puppy farm

5 jessamine reflections another fictionalized history histrionic

6 jessamine moon made of cheese another fictionalized history histrionic

6 jessamine cheree another fictionalized history histrionic

6 the projects no revolutions let's get static track & field

6 greyscale echocycle cruel machine camera obscura

8 sleepy lili positive vibe trees autoproduction

9 stereo total j'ai faim! do the bambi disko b

9 les georges leningrad bad smell deux hot dogs moutarde chou alien8

9 hall of fame paradise now paradise now the social registry

9 electrelane two for joy axes too pure

9 explosions in the sky your hand in mine (goodbye) friday night lights (original motion picture soundtrack) hip-o

9 red sparowes mechanical sounds cascaded through the city walls and everyone reveled in their ignorance. at the soundless dawn neurot

9 beep beep the fluorescent lights business casual saddle creek

9 volt voice listen démo autoproduction

9 jerseyturnpike grey permafrost jerseyturnpike

9 cat on form more escapism a blanket over your eyes southern

9 hang on the box ass hole, i'm not your baby for every punk bitch & arsehole arrivederci baby!

9 the wedding present it's for you take fountain stickman

10 electrelane those pockets are people axes too pure

10 electrelane the partisan axes too pure

10 todd miss longhornspeedway purity pledge southern

Artiste: electrelane
Album: axes
Label: too pure


Artiste: jessamine
Album: another fictionalized history
Label: histrionic
Track(s): reflections / moon made of cheese / cheree


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